Paul Zacharias Oska

Paul Zacharias Oska 2

Paul Zacharias Oska

Specialist in ONG Management and Business Creation, Chairman of the Board

With more than ten (10) years of experience in the management of organizations, Paul Zacharie Oska chairs the Board and demonstrates leadership in the direction of the board by guiding, coordinating its activities and ensuring its efficient operation.
As Chairman of the MEDIPE ILC Board, he organizes and directs the work of mediPE, which he reports to the General Assembly.

Acquired Professionals and Education
Graduate in International Relations and Protocol and Specialist in Organizational Management
Graduated Higher in Theology
Specialist in Business Creation and Maintenance
Founding Chairman of PARTI RAISON
– Ceo of CONNECT/FAVOR Groups

Team Information

 President of the council
 Age number:
 Phone: +1 (585) 627-3619